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Getting to know me is like having a ball of Red headed crazy energy right in your pocket! If that sounds fun I am definitely your girl!


I am an Abstract Artist from Houston with a true and honest love for this life.  I picked up my very first canvas in 2017 and to say it nicely, what I created was a hot mess! It took me a little time to understand that I had to be completely open to the process and unapologetically me. I never picked that canvas up with the hopes of becoming an Artist, but what I felt while creating was clearly undeniable. Each and every one of my paintings is filled with dancing, singing, a ton of cursing and more love than you can possibly imagine!  As for the hot messes, they have long been painted over to become some of my most treasured pieces and I haven't looked back since. 

Take a look around and know that I am so incredibly thankful you are here.

So Much Love,

Erin Mulvany

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